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  • Which stylist should I see?
    When contacting Honey Hair we will chose your stylist after the booking process is complete. If you have a preferred stylist, please request them when booking.
  • If I need more than one service how should I book the appointment?
    When booking your appointment please list which services you feel you need. During the booking process we will finalize your appointment details upon completion.
  • How do I know what I need for my first appointment?
    Please arrive with clean hair. One to two day hair will make our coloring process easier. This will also allow us to see your hair in its natural state. After discussing payment during the booking process, please have your payment ready for your appointment as well.
  • What should I do if I know I am going to run late?
    Please reach out to our salon phone if you know you will be arriving after your appointment time. This will allow our stylist to prepare accordingly or apply the late/no show fee if the time difference will not allow the services to be completed.
  • What is Honey Hair Studio’s cancellation policy?
    For details our cancellation policy, and to read the rest of our Salon Policies, click here.
  • How far in advance (or late) can I book my appointment?
    We accept appointments up to a year in advance. We have many clients who like to book ahead and we will accommodate those bookings as we appreciate our loyal clientele.

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